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im curious, does this meanthe ruthless route uses male pronouns?

yep, i'm not editing those, so they stay the same :>




Thank you for this! It works well on PC but I couldn't get it to work for Android unfortunately. Either way, I am so grateful for this option. 

yeah about android...

i don't have a device to test the mod on and i'm not sure if it is even similar to modding the pc version. i will specify in the description that the mod works for windows version only

glad you enjoy it!


Aahhh this is so sweet! It's rare or even nonexistent went to comes to Nonbinary people in gay Visual Novels, I love this so much. But I'm stupid and do have to ask: how do you put it in the game cause I tried everything and it hasn't worked 😅


thank you!

you download the archive and drag the “game” folder in it into the minoho folder, merging the folders and replacing  the files in the folder. folder folder folder. 

i hope that makes it clearer, i’m bad at explaining things 


Hey thanks for the explanation! Unfortunatly it still doesn't work for me but that could be my computer being dumb since it does replace the files but then doesn't open up the game😅 Unfortbunate I won't able to use the mod but i'm happy others are able to. Keep up the good work!

seems to work correctly for me. if you want, you can dm me on twitter, we can see if the problem can be fixed :>


super excited to read through this! Thanks for making this :3


This is a really cool option for NB folks! Thank yas :D